Kwikee for Foodservice

Kwikee works with the Foodservice divisions of manufacturer's in order to help them deliver the proper images and data needed to market their product to the foodservice environment. Kwikee standard foodservice delivery is based on GS-1 guidelines. After completion, the client can choose to give their content to their data pool supplier for ingestion into the GDSN or utilize Kwikee's web site for 24/7 access for themselves or their brokers and distributors.

Refer to the guidelines in the link below for the GDSN Product Image Guideline to ensure your product images meet the approved supplier guidelines and/or GDSN standards.

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Download GS1 Foodservice Product Application Guideline

Kwikee Provides

  • Standard up to four color images; open case, inner package, out of inner package & label.
  • Data for all products including nutritional, ingrediants and any other items on the label and packaging. 
  • All Industry GDSN image attributes will be available to manufacturers via an export.
  • Kwikee can deliver the manufacturer's content via a digital asset management site.
  • Additional images over and above the standard four.

Benefits of Kwikee 

  • Accurate brand representation in the marketplace.
  • One True Source for all content.
  • High quality images for unlimited use in all marketing and sales channels.
  • Images and data associated with products.

Content Can Be Used For

  • Marketing
  • Brokers
  • Distributors
  • Agencies
  • eCommerce & Mobile
  • Sales presentations, sell sheets, and any all sales needs

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